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Managing Director

English and Hindi

Real estate experience
8 years

“To embark on a journey of success we must accept change. There is nothing that is constant, but change -The market is NOW!”,

Sanket Khanna is the Director of Luxury Estates. A highly educated and a smart individual who embarked into the real estate market more than a decade ago.

Full of life, jokes and laughter, Sanket knows how to get the best out of his team. Whether it is a sales pitch, an international event or even a rental closure, Sanket is always supportive and puts every one of his team member’s requirements before himself.

Through Sanket’s leadership, Luxury Estates has always been receptive to change that helps its employees discover and energize themselves. It is precisely for this reason that Luxury Estates has experienced numerous successes in the past, which will continue in the years to come. .